Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education is the pioneer faculty of the Islamic University in Uganda together with the Faculty is Islamic Studies and Arabic Language. The faculty started in 1988 offering one degree programme i.e Bachelor of Arts with Education, with an enrolment of only 40 students. The aim was to produce Graduate Teachers that can teach at secondary school level in both Science and Arts subjects.
In 1990, a Bachelor of Science with Education degree programme was started. In 1996, the following departments were established:-
- Educational Management and Administration
- Educational Psychology
- Foundations of Education
- Curriculum and Instruction.
In 1999, masters' program was introduced in the fields of;
- Educational Management and Administration
- Curriculum and Instruction.

The faculty has grown tremendously in terms of student numbers and programs. It offers professional educational courses in Curriculum Studies, Educational Foundations, Educational Psychology, and Educational Management and Administration

Faculty Mission

In line with the mission of the University of producing morally upright graduates with international recognition, the faculty has a mission of producing international teachers who cherish professionalism and moral uprightness at work.

The goal of the faculty which is derived from the mission is to educate and develop morally upright and professionally minded teachers who can compete favorably in the modern technological society and ever changing work environment.
The faculty enjoys a high academic status with products that are well placed at various levels in the local and international labor market not only in the teaching profession, but also in other fields. The mode of delivery has been widened to meet the needs of a wide range of clients especially with the introduction of Evening, Weekend and Distance Learning Programs. A wide range of programs and activities in professional education makes the Faculty competitive.

Faculty Programs

The Academic Programs offered include the following:
- Bachelor of Arts with Education-Day program (3 years)
- Bachelor of Science, Education-Day program (3 years)
- Concurrent Diploma in Education-Day program (3 years)
- Bachelor of Education-External program-BED Arts & BED Science (3 years)
Note: (BED Arts & BED Sciences are programs for Secondary school teachers while BED Integrated Science is a program for Primary School teachers.
- Diploma in Primary Education-External program (2 years)
Other activities undertaken by the faculty include:
- Pedagogical skills workshops
- Research skills sharpening workshops
- Debates
- Academic seminars for high school students, and
- Community outreach programs.