The Students' Guild

Students' Guild

The Students’ Union was established in 1988/89 Academic year under a constitution (Islamic University Students Union Constitution) which was drafted and agreed upon by all the students and was approved by the Executive Board (Second top organ) of the University.

According to the IUSU Constitution which was amended in 2004, the objectives of the Students’ Union include;
1.Fostering Unity among the students of the University
2. Instituting an efficient Student’s Administration
3. Promoting Leadership Qualities
4. Handling Students’ Affairs
5. Promoting Islamic values and Articulating Students’ Interests among others.

The Constitution also outlines the organs of the IUSU Government, functions of these organs, procedures for election of leaders, functions of the various office bearers, and other provisions.
Given the provisions in the IUSU Constitution, the students’ body has a great potential to contribute to the smooth running of the University provided the established channels are properly followed. The students’ parliament is an effective forum through which students concerns can be addressed. These concerns can then be channeled through the Cabinet, the Executive and to the University Administration through the University Coordinator.