International Students at IUIU
Kampala Campus

International Students at IUIU

International students always find IUIU a home away from home considering the comfort they get after arriving at IUIU.

All international students are required by law to acquire a student pass while in Uganda. The office of the University Coordinator (Dean of Students) assists the students, upon arrival in the country to acquire the permits from government agencies. The Senior Admin. Officer (Student Affairs) is in charge of the students' Affairs at Kampala Campus.
Just like their counterparts, the local students, International students undergo an orientation period during which they are taken through the various departments at the campus in order for them to know the dos and don’ts of the University.

Visa Requirements

Following the immigration requirements by the Government of Uganda, all international students must acquire students’ passes to legalize their stay which they must renew every year. For students from East Africa, the passes are processed free of charge BUT students outside East Africa must pay a a given fee to apply and renew their student passes.Besides, the international students must be bonafide students of the University with admission letters, valid identity cards and travel documents before processing the students’ passes.