IUIU Leadership


The Rector is the Chief Executive Officer of the University.

He is responsible for the direction of the academic, administrative and financial affairs of the University in accordance with guidelines laid down by the University Council. He is the Secretary of the Council and coordinates the functions of the Council with those of the Executive Board (Senate). He represents the University in its dealings with other authorities and institutions; and prepares and submits to the Executive Board for review before being submitted to the Council, the annual report on the affairs of the University.

In the absence of the Chairman of the Council, the Rector presides over ceremonial assemblies of the University and confers degrees and other academic titles and distinctions of the University. He must be a Muslim citizen of member countries of the OIC who has distinguished himself in Islamic, Scientific or Academic matters.

Dr. Ahmed Kawesa Sengendo is the first Ugandan to serve as the Rector of Islamic University in Uganda. He has had a distinguished career as Lecturer, Scholar and Academic Administrator in IUIU, which he joined as one of the Pioneer staff when the University opened its doors in 1988.

He has served in various positions within the University starting as University Secretary from 1988-2001, Director. He was then promoted to Vice Rector from 2001-2003 and finally Rector. Since his appointment,he has worked to strengthen the core academic and research operations of the University, fostered close links with business and industry to improve the financial status of the universityand has improved the image of the University with Government authorities plus the neighbouring communities.

Under his Leadership, he has overseen the expansion of the University to other regions of the Country. Three Campuses under IUIU, one Northern Uganda (Arua) and two in the Capital Kampala have been opened. This has increased the total student enrolment of the university.He has directed major construction projects within the university that are helping to improve the facilities of the University. New buildings for Academic, Student Halls of residence and many other facilities have been constructed within the University.

Prior to joining IUIU Dr. Ahmed Sengendo was a Lecturer at Makerere University in Uganda. Dr. Sengendo holds a bachelor of Science degree and Masters Degree from Makerere University (UG) and a Ph.D. from the University of Kansas (USA). He was on Fulbright Scholarship for his Ph.D. Dr. Sengendo is an Orator and those who have listened to his speeches are amazed by his Oratory and rakish repertoire. He has been honoured on several occasions with various achievements and he is happily married with children.